Monday, July 9, 2012

15-Day Challenge: Day 10 Color Me Red

Day 10 of Sar's 15-Day Challenge. Only five more to go!

[10] What's your most embarrassing moment?

Easy. There are almost too many embarrassing stories to choose from. I could recount the time I flew 4-5 stairs in the air and landed in a heap at the bottom of a two-story staircase at work. I hit with a thud that echoed quite nicely, but jumped up so quickly that the people who gathered to check out the noice didn't realize I was the culprit. Or I could recount the time I made a disparaging comment about a co-worker on the other end of a phone conversation, only to discover he hadn't set the phone down like I thought. Better yet, I could relate how I bared my soul to our unit manager, who then he threw me under the bus and told the offending person exactly what I said in excrutiating detail. She confronted me later; it was not fun.

Here's a moment from high school that stuck with me for a long time.

I was either a freshman or a sophomore in high school. You know, back when pretty much everyone and everything was embarrassing. As I walked into school after a baseball game, a popular (and very nice) girl from my P.E. class came towards me, accompanied by a good-looking upperclassman. As they approach, the girl asks "Do you know who this is?"

Uh, who is this guy with her and why does she care if I know him?

"Noooooo....," I reply.

I seriously can not keep my eyes off of this guy. Where is this conversation she going to introduce me?

A half-second (or a lifetime) later, the harsh light of reality sets it as she comments, "I found it underneath the bleachers and thought the owner would want it back."

Say what???

Only then do I notice the girl has a ballpoint pen in her hand, and I realize I misunderstood her question. She actually had asked "Do you know whose this is?"

Oh. Awkward. Well, that does make more sense.

I attempt to sink into the pavement in embarrassment, but neither of them seem to notice. The girl thanks me and they stroll away.

So what embarrassing moment sticks in your mind?



  1. That must have been awkward! That's allright though, I'm sure she didn't mind haha.

  2. awkward situation! But hilarious!