Monday, July 9, 2012

15-Day Challenge: Day 9 Best Day Ever

Still blogging with Sar's 15-Day Challenge. Why haven't you joined? Today's challenge:

[9] Describe the best day of your life to date.

It's hard for me to pin down the best day of my life. The day I got married was pretty darn special, but it pales in comparison to either of the days I gave birth. And I can't choose just one birth day, because each was special in its own way. I thought nothing could compare to the moment I gave birth to my first child, our son. It's a magical moment when a woman first becomes a mother. But on the night I gave birth to my daughter, I felt this inexplicable strong maternal connection between me, my daughter and my mom. It was so powerful it brought me to tears, and I still feel it! Since I couldn't pick just one of these three special days, I went another way.

The best day of my life was October 5, 1982, when the doctor told me I was pregnant.

When I met my husband-to-be, we absolutely knew we were right for each other. Both in our late 20's, we each had a good-paying job and each owned a home. We saw no need to wait, and married only seven months after we met. (We've been married thirty years, so our instincts were correct.) But we were not satisfied. We both came from large families, and hoped to start a family of our own soon. Nine months after we married, we got the news we hoped for.
Those indistinct visions of a family somewhere in the future became an instant reality. We envisioned our new child with a sibling or two down the line, and began the fun part of planning for our new family. That was the day we transitioned from a couple to a family, and was the best day of my life.

P.S. I'm thinking I was fairly euphoric somewhere around August 15, 1985, too.



  1. I got a postscript?!

    Wah wah, "I'm pregnant with my first child, life is greeeaaaat!"

    You're lucky that I still love you after that.

  2. Aww that sounds like a great day! You've been blessed with a wonderful family :)

  3. Sarah - love the quote you put in your mom's mouth! Perhaps you didn't realize your parents had a life before you were born. Hard to believe, yes?
    It's true that the first child does get all the "it's a miracle!" moments, but the second one gets to be a baby longer and therefore tugs at our heartstrings just a bit harder.

  4. You have a great family! It's so hard to find couples who stay together long nowadays. I wish you many more happy years with your husband!