Thursday, July 12, 2012

15-Day Challenge: Day 12 Looking Ahead

I have really enjoyed Sar's blogging challenge, but don't expect me to be so prolific when the challenge is over! I have a tough time coming up with interesting topics, so it's been fun to have someone else tell me what to blog about. Let's face it, my life is just not that interesting to blog too frequently. Unless, of course, I start blogging about my siblings. I'd bet I could come up with a whole series on one sister alone...and you know who you are! Until then, the topic for the day is:

[12] What are you most looking forward to in the next six months?

We have lots of events planned for the next six months: at least two concerts to attend (Chicago and Train); we're headed to Loon Lake (N. of Spokane) for a long weekend of fun in the sun with good friends; and our annual family trip to the ocean is coming up soon. I'm also looking forward to the completion of our home projects. We have been very busy for the last few months, and it would be really nice to sit back and enjoy the fruit of our efforts.

But I'm most looking forward to December. It might sound corny, but I can't wait for my daughter to come home from grad school for a long Christmas vacation. Seeing her twice a year is just not enough, so I find myself anticipating the next visit almost as soon as she heads back to school. She is my best friend, my sounding board and the one person who will tell me the brutal truth, even when I'm not quite ready to hear it! I am the happiest when my family is all together. I absolutely love seeing my kids interact, and appreciate the fact that they are close now, even though it wasn't always that way. Life is good!

Me & Sar



  1. Yaaaaaaay! I got a full-on shoutout instead of a post script! You do love me!

  2. You are one busy couple! Yes, you deserve some fun (and alcohol) in the sun.

    ...and why would it be a bad thing if you wrote a series of blogs about Mary?