Sunday, July 8, 2012

15-Day Challenge: Day 8 Introspective

Linking up with Sar for her 15-Day blogging Challenge. We're over half-way there!
[8] Describe "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" of yourself
Maybe this to way too much information, but here goes:

The Good - Life is grand! I got a new hip five months ago, and that resolved my only major health concern. I like to think I have an optimistic view of life, a healthy (sometimes too healthy) sense of humor, and a fairly realistic view of self. I love my husband and children beyond measure, and definitely receive that back in return.

The Bad - I tend to procrastinate too much. Since I retired 1 1/2 years ago, I have definitely enjoyed myself, but some days I'm not particularly motivated to accomplish much. I know I would benefit from more of a structured routine, whether it's volunteer work or simply exercise. We've had some home projects that have taken up quite a bit of our time, but I feel like both the husband and I need to get involved in the community somehow. I also need to get busy on my "list of things to do when I retire", since the list just keeps getting longer and longer. Find a chore and attack it!

The Ugly - I have a temper (surprise!). One of my teenagers was particularly adept at pushing my buttons, but once I learned how to de-escalate that situation, I think I've gotten better at keeping my own temper under control. I have a tendency to get upset, many times over-reacting, when stupid things happen. When we mistakenly took a wrong step in a home remodeling project, I was upset for days when the result was simply annoying and harmless. I should have been able to accept what happened and move on towards either ignoring or correcting the "issue". My husband rarely reacts, much less over-reacts, to these types of situations, and sometimes that's all the impetus I need to go over the top. I'm working on it, though, both for my peace of mind and for my blood pressure.

Just for fun, thought I'd provide a Readers' Digest condensed version also:

The Good - I'm smart

The Bad - I'm short

The Ugly - I'm overweight

Can't wait to see if other bloggers get introspective and provide extensive detail, or just superficial and keep it light. Either way, keep on blogging!



  1. I have a temper, too! Definitely not the highlight of my personality.

  2. I'm so disappointed by your definition of "procrastination" -- you are way too hard on yourself (a trait that could be included in "bad" or "ugly" ). You've done way more so far in your short retirement than anyone I know. Whoops, sorry to use the word "short" there.
    Heide (another temper-mental Laurie girl)

    1. DITTO! I feel like you're always working every time I talk to you, so I don't think you've "procrastinated" at all in your retirement! You're crazy.