Monday, October 1, 2012

This Weekend, I...v.10.1.12

Linking up with Sar and Syndal for a little update on my weekend in Waco.
This weekend, I got a pedicure with the lovely Sarah. First time I've had french tips on my toes in a very long time. It's still sandal weather in Texas, and hope the nice weather holds out back home for little while, at least.

This weekend, I watched the Baylor football game in a bar. It was fairly empty when we arrived, but packed by the time we left at half time. Yes, that is a child in the bar. It's one of those things that makes Texas so...special.

This weekend, I had dinner with Sarah's good friends Caryn & Mike Brown. Caryn served an absolutely delicious dinner with a fantastic dessert I initially thought was called Crack Pipe"! Turns out my hearing is not so good, because it's really "Crack Pie". This is one dish I definitely will try at home. On a side note, the torrential rains that day softened the ground such that Sarah got stuck in the mud next the driveway of the Brown's house. Mike came to the rescue, so a major crisis was averted.

This weekend, I watched Sarah revert to a seven-year-old by eating Pop Rocks. She enjoyed it just a little too much!

This weekend, I was out of town so I missed my brother-in-love's surprise birthday party. We received a huge zucchini from the neighbors, so my husband brought it along with our gift for the birthday boy. My sister, the grandma-to-be, got in a little cuddling practice with the gourd. Doesn't she look like a natural?

Hope you had a fun-filled weekend, too!



  1. "Cuddling practice with the gourd" is quite possibly my favorite activity that Aunt Heide could be doing. Fantastic!

  2. it was so great to meet you! hope to see you again next time you're in Texas!

  3. You are obviously having a great time visiting with Sarah (as ever!). Love the picture Wally took -- can you see the Laurie family resemblance ?

  4. The picture of the grandma with the gourd is priceless. So funny!

    Visiting from TWI.