Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday Thoughts v.9.27.12

Another episode (albeit picture-less) of Thursday Thoughts with the lovely Sarah


My best friend has been on an emotional roller coaster with her elderly father. He recently had some serious health issues and unfortunately for her lives a few states away. She is understandably upset, and my heart aches for her and her family. But it got me's easy for me to pretend I know what she's going through, but in all honesty I have absolutely no idea. I lost both my parents many, many years ago quite suddenly. In fact, in each case, with no warning whatsoever. And while I will always miss them terribly, I must admit that part of me is relieved that I did not have to watch them struggle with health issues. I feel like a traitor to their memories to voice that thought.


Left Seattle early this morning to spend a few days with my little girl in beautiful Waco, Texas. You may not think of Waco (a.k.a. the heart of Texas) as beautiful, but any place my daughter happens to be is a wonderful place to me. Grabbed a breakfast bite at Sarah's favorite bagel shop at the airport along the way. In her honor, of course!


Today was my first experience with airport security screening since I got my new hip. I was a little excited to see if I set off any bells or whistles, but no such luck. I was told to notify the person operating the walk-through scanner, so got to skip that step entirely and proceed directly to the full body scan. Would have been fun to see what the implant looked like on the scanned image! Maybe I'll have more luck on the return flight.

Hope your week is going well, too!



  1. Liz, thanks for your heartfelt piece on our parents' deaths. I feel the same way -- while I selfishly think I would have loved a chance to say "good-bye" to them, I know their sudden deaths left little room for any suffering.

  2. Not a traitor that you didn't want them to fact, I think it means you love them! Nothing wrong with that. <3 <3

    Love you. A lot.

  3. Liz, I lost one parent who passed suddenly at a young age and recently lost the other after 2 months under Hospice care at the age of 88. Neither loss was easier than the other. Feel no guilt and certainly don't feel like a traitor. You simply spoke the truth. I appreciated your thoughts. Thanks for continuing to blog.

  4. Don't feel like a traitor. You are voicing your honest feelings and that is one of the many things I love about you. Gmamar