Monday, October 8, 2012

This Weekend, I...v.10.8.12

Linking up with Sar and Syndal for a quick summary of my weekend.
This Weekend, I watched Kayden's U-8 soccer game on a beautiful unseasonably warm Pacific NW afternoon. Ava and I made funny faces to send to Auntie Sarah, and we both cheered loudly when Kayden made a goal!

Ava and Grandma
This Weekend, I went to the annual Oysterfest celebration held in Shelton, WA. It's a great bargain, at only $5 to enter with no charge for parking. Other than wineries, only non-profit organizations are allowed to participate, so there are none of the usual booths with irritating vendors hawking non-stick pans or shoe cleaners or jewelry polish. We enjoyed a few samples of crab and shrimp, but, as usual, avoided the oyster delights. The highlight of the event is the wine tasting tent, where we have fun trying to find a gem or two to take home. The downside was the horrendous shuttle ride to and from our free offsite parking. Almost not worth the hassle.

The first people in line for shuttle had already been waiting 45 min. when we arrived.
A small handicapped school bus with about 10 people on it pulled up, and everyone who had been standing in line was able to get on. We were among those who stood for the 20 min. ride. I had nothing to hang on to, other than the man with the recently repaired knee. A little terrifying at times.

My delicious coconut shrimp...mmmm!

This Weekend, I had a great visit with my brother- and sister-in-law from Idaho. They were in town visiting their son and his family, so ended up bringing the whole brood over to watch the UW Husky football game. Unfortunately, they are U of Oregon fans and were all decked out in Duck gear, so they enjoyed the game a little more than we did. An embarrassing loss for UW.

This Weekend, I enjoyed watching my husband's ex-little league player as the starting pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles in the ALDS. Even though the Orioles eventually lost, Jason turned in a great performance.

Husband in center rear, son in left forefront, and Jason Hammel in dead center

This Weekend, I got to watch the grandkids overnight. We had a scrumptious dinner, read a ton of books, played Tumbling Monkeys, and built fantastic castles and towers with building blocks. Favorite moment from the little one..."At home, we don't go potty before we go to bed." Silly girl!

She loves books...YAY!

Hope you had a fun-filled adventurous weekend!



  1. What a great/busy weekend! Too bad the man you were holding onto on the bus could only hold on to a woman with a recently-replaced hip. Owww. At least you both were post-repair, not pre-. Can't wait for a grandchild for soccer and reading -- as it is, I took Cooper on a play date across the street and enjoyed trying Banana Bread Beer (tasty! -- Wells brand, from UK, available at Safeway) as we watched the dogs pretty much ignore each other.

  2. Such precious grandma time.