Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wednesday Waco Wanderings

I recently spent six glorious days with the lovely Sar in Waco, the Heart Of Texas. I met several of her good friends, enjoyed a few good restaurant meals and was spoiled with some darn good home-cooked meals as well. It was a busy week for Sarah, so I accompanied her to both Baylor University and University of Mary Hardin Baylor as Professor Lake taught her classes.

We did a little shopping in the outlet mall in the Round Rock area outside Austin, and made a special trip to a home goods store I had heard mentioned on some HGTV show. The store had some interesting items, but nothing you couldn't find in any Tuesday Morning or Big Lots store. Sarah did see one vase that looked an awful lot like a big flask.

Sarah turned shopping into a drinking game

I got to enjoy some cuddle time with my third-favorite kitty, Chloe. This made me feel pretty special, particulary since she wasn't quite so friendly with me the last time I saw her. Chloe loves to get right in your face, and was happiest when she could get settle on my chest right in front of the my iPad.
Chloe knows what she wants
It was fun to watch Sarah take pictures and tweet about her daily activities. I'm fairly sure my visit gave her plenty of material for her blog, too. Wonder if I should have asked to preview it first?
Taking a picture of taking a picture...should have tweeted it!
I think Sarah and I both look forward to grocery shopping during visits from her dad and me. She made the mistake of stocking her shelves before her dad's visit, but made sure she had a long list by the time my visit rolled around. We made a huge trip to HEB for groceries, and then another trip to Walmart for paper and kitty goods.

Ooo, I don't usually buy this because it's so expensive, but since you're buying, I'll get two!

I sat in on Sarah's 2402 Statistics class, my first exposure to statistics in a classroom setting. There are 110 students or so registered, but quite a few were absent that day. The students seemed to get a kick out of the professor's mom being present. I was impressed with Sarah's obvious command of the material as well as her control of the class. I even took notes and followed along as much as I could. My knowledge can be summed up thusly:

Collectively exhaustive events - A series of events which individually may be tiring, but when occurring in a series become collectively exhausting. Like traveling across a few time zones to a hot, humid climate and then attending an afternoon stats lecture.

Statistical Independence - Any number of indications or facts which when totaled provide evidence beyond any reasonable doubt that daughter lives a happy, successful, independent life.

OK, so maybe I didn't pay attention all that well!

You in the back...put down your iPad!
Sarah took me for a nice two mile walk on the last evening of my visit. I think she was just trying to make sure I got a chance to be exposed to the ultimate Texas experience...West Nile virus. I'm fairly sure I was attacked by garden variety mosquitos, at least that's my story.

If they were not mosquitos, I don't want to know!

All in all, I had an absolutely wonderful visit and can't wait to see my girl again..



  1. I look so tiny in the classroom from where you're sitting! Bizarre from seeing it on the other side.

    <3 Thanks for being an amazing mama and coming to visit me! Come back already, pretty please!

  2. I nearly choked on my morning coffee when I read your take on statistical terminology. Glad to hear you had a great time visiting -- you just need to do it more often.