Monday, October 15, 2012

This Weekend, I...v.10.15.12

Linking up with Sar and Sydal for a little weekend update:


This Weekend, I pretty much spent the whole weekend alone. Husband went to Seattle for the UW Husky football game on Saturday, and then went back to Seattle for the Seahawks game on Sunday. Truthfully, it was nice to have the house to myself!


This Weekend, I saw the recently released movie "Looper." This movie stars Joseph Gordon-Leavitt and Bruce Willis playing the same character, but 30 years apart in age. The director did a fantastic job of setting the stage for the action that follows, and Joseph Gordon-Leavitt continues to impress. Highly recommend! ✭✭✭✭


This Weekend, I tried a new local restaurant called "Everybody's American Cookhouse & Sports Theater." Much too long of a name, if you ask me. I had a slider trio appetizer with side salad for dinner, and had a great meal with plenty leftover to take home for another meal. Yes, I would definitely order that meal again. However, due to the many cranky children in the main restaurant area, I think we'll try eating in the bar next time.


This Weekend, I wore my new boots for the first time. Hurray for new footwear!


Hope your weekend was full of fun, friends and family!



  1. cute new boots! i love Fall clothing :)

  2. Love the boots. We saw Looper this weekend and would recommend it is as well.