Monday, October 22, 2012

This Weekend, I...v10.22.12

Linking up with Sar (& Syndal) for a little look at my weekend

This Weekend, I celebrated my birthday with friends and family. My weekend started with a surprise visit from my two favorite kids, who presented me with a birthday card containing Starbucks gift cards...woo hoo! They also made me the sweetest gifts.

A beautiful picture and coupons for free stuff!

This Weekend, I enjoyed watching my son prove to my husband that yes, he really can throw a football 45-50 yards. Husband called son out on the claim, so they headed for the street to play some catch. Hilarious!

My "boys" playing in traffic

This Weekend, I ate dessert every day. Our out-of-town visitors brought dessert, my BFF made a delicious dessert, and husband bought one gigantic piece of chocolate cake ('cuz he knows that's my fav).

Yay for just one candle instead of fifty-something

This Weekend, I had the best non-dinner ever! My friend and I often comment that the perfect dinner might be appetizers and dessert, and that's just what we had. We were all so full after the scrumptious crab cakes that we bagged our plans to go to a restaurant and stayed home to eat dessert. Perfect!

Delicous home-made crab cakes made with fresh-caught crab

This Weekend, I laughed and celebrated with good friends.

Larry & Cheryl, Wally & me, Tim & Judy

This Weekend, I saw the perfect ending to a wonderful weekend.

Gorgeous view from the deck

Hope your weekend was filled with fun, family and friends!


  1. LOVE that picture of the six of you, but I'd like to point out that the "best weekend ever" would totally include me. Just saying.

    Also, the coupons are adorable, but I can't believe KK didn't talk to me before giving them to you--always include expiration dates!

  2. Loved being part of your birthday weekend.

  3. Happy Birthday!!! Looks like a full weekend of fun!