Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thursday Thoughts v.10.25.12

Here's what going on in my little corner of the world this Thursday.


A tree crew is currently outside cutting down five trees. Between the sound of the chainsaw and the sound of the industrial chipper, I can't think straight. That headache on the horizon is getting closer and closer...


Had I realized that one dining room chair has 320 (yes, that's three hundred and twenty!) staples per cushion, I might have rethought the idea of recovering the six chairs. Oh, well, one cushion down, only five to go.

I'm thinking overkill!


Have you ever shopped at Harbor Freight Tools? It's a fun place to browse the aisles for all those tools you want but don't have. Yes, the quality of many of the items is not the best, but it's the perfect place to find things like an upholstery-grade staple remover, or a cheap 600 pc. picture hanging assortment for $3. Believe it or not, it also made me a tad nostalgic for tools I used back when I worked in an industrial environment. Wish I still had a use for a drill press or a paint booth or a rivet gun. Fun!


Husband and I tried out the newly remodeled AMC theater in Lakewood this week. We saw "Argo", which I highly recommend. Get this, the theater seats are electrically-operated recliners! Luckily we had free passes, because this theater is definitely not cheap. They use a four-tier pricing system: $6 morning movies; $8.50 matinees; $10.50 full price; and $14 for 3D. At those prices, maybe we'll just stick to Netflix and Redbox!

Note: picture taken before I spilled his popcorn

Hope your week is going well. FYI - only 60 days until Christmas!


  1. $6 morning movies?! That's perfect for you guys!