Friday, February 3, 2012

Baby Buy, Buy, Buy

 Best acquisitions of the week

I ran into Costco for a minute to buy one thing (right!) and came across a great find...a fantastic set of makeup brushes! I'm normally too cheap thrifty to buy high quality makeup brushes. I occasionally splurge on one decent brush, and then end up using it until it literally falls apart. No more! Have used these brushes only for a few days, but already am in love them. They are a great value, as well. Heaven!

I recently downloaded the ShopSavvy app for my iPhone, and used is this week for the first time. It is so easy! Simply scan an item's barcode, and the app will search for the best prices both on line and in your area. My favorite face cream is Olay Complete Defense Daily UV Moisturizer, in either the 30 or 20 SPF (I'm a pale girl from the Pacific NW), but it's not always easy to find. ShopSavvy shows that Sears sells it online for $8.70, at Target for $11.67 and at Walmart for $12.27. Of course, you need to factor in shipping and handling costs, and it appears that not all stores are searched. But I'll definitely use this free app when I'm shopping for more expensive or hard-to-find items. Happy shopping!

I needed new slippers, and could only find expensive ones in the style I like. There was a big sale at the sheepskin store in the mall, but not on the ones I want, of course. I was willing to settle for less, but really was just looking for lined slippers that are not clogs or mules and with a hard sole so I can walk on our patio in them. I was able to find a great pair of Clark slippers online at Sierra Trading Post! That's really not the point of my story, though. I was able to find an online coupon for free shipping. Here's the point: If you don't already know it, ALWAYS check for an online coupon before you buy online. It really pays off!

That's the story of my week, hope your week was full of fun!



  1. I need new slippers, too, so will steal your idea and look at Sierra Trading!

  2. I love how awesomely into apps you are.