Monday, February 27, 2012

Dear Monday v.7

Linking up with Megan for another edition of Dear Monday.

Here are a few little letters to start the week.

Dear Monday, Woke up to a beautiful clear morning but it's only 28 degrees! What in the heck is it with this cold weather? We got a little spoiled last week with the warmer weather, and all the spring bulbs are pushing up. Come on spring...we're ready for you!

Dear Oscars, Thanks for an enjoyable evening! Billy Crystal was a great host, and it's always fun to critique the fashion choices of the stars. Favorite dress? Sandra Bullock! Classy and sexy. I was rooting for George Clooney, more on his body of work rather than his nominated role. Still haven't seen The Artist, but may need to break down and watch it. And absolutely love Emma Stone!

Dear (Junior) Walker, You helped me through the most difficult days, but it's time to transition to the cane. Woo Hoo for progress! New left hip is cooperating with the rehabilitation regimen, and I'm much further along than I had expected. I'm really anxious to get moving outside! (P.S. You know you're REALLY short when they fit you for a child's junior walker!)

Dear Wally, I appreciate you more than you know! Thanks for all the support you've provided the last two weeks. I've been impressed how you stepped up to the plate and assumed responsibility for housework, laundry, shopping and meal planning. I've gotten used to your quick response every time I need assistance, and can't thank you enough. I would, however, appreciate more leg and foot rubs to alleviate this deep ache!

Dear Friends and Family, Thanks for the gorgeous flowers and plants! You are all so thoughtful, and the beautiful blooms really do cheer me up.

And how is your week?


  1. Ah yes, Clooney -- when I look at him, I think of his body, too. Of course I mean "body of work." Truly I do.

  2. Visiting from Dear Monday. Man, hip surgery! I hope you continue on the road to recovery. I am glad your husband is such a help to you. and I hear you, I'm ready for spring. But I live in Wisconsin, so I've got to get through March first :).

  3. Hello & Happy Monday! I didn't even watch the Oscars - wish I would have now for the fashion! I too am ready for spring... but apparently Minnesota has other plans for me ;)