Monday, January 30, 2012

Dear Monday v.4

 Another episode of Dear Monday

Dear Monday, I would certainly have an easier time facing you if I were sleeping better at night. Maybe I should start taking naps, but that's not really in my nature. Can't we just get along?!?

Dear Sandra, Thanks for the gorgeous flowers to start my week! I love how thoughtful you are and am thankful you are in my life. It's always fun to have your little ones under foot, but have to admit I do appreciate the quiet when they go home.

Dear Washington State, I love the fact that you have become a strong player in the wine business and have visited many of the wineries across the state. One of my favorite wine tasting areas is the Rattlesnake Hills region of the Yakima Valley. My wine racks are looking a little bare, so I'm thinking we are due for another wine excursion this spring or summer.

Dear Kitsap Regional Library, I am having so much fun browsing and borrowing ebooks for my iPad. Even though your selection is not huge, I am discovering new authors and enjoying the ebook experience. Who knew?

Dear Sears, Come on, where is our new dishwasher? We've been waiting patiently since we placed the order, but never dreamed it would take this long.Then again, we got an excellent price, so I can wait a little longer before I toss our ancient unit in the trash. I am so ready for a new dishwasher!

How is your week shaping up?



  1. Beautiful flowers! So sweet of her.

    Here's hoping to a week of wine, warmth, and a new dishwasher!

  2. Oh man... don't you just love ebooks?? I was totally opposed and now I read on my Nook all the time! :)

    Love the flowers :)