Monday, February 6, 2012

Dear Monday v.5

Linking up with Megan for another episode of Dear Monday.

 Dear Monday, Nothing says Monday like starting my day off with a latte! Needed that kick of caffeine to get me through a long day of doctor appointments and hospital visits. On the plus side, I'll get my bionic hip in nine days!

Dear Pick-Quick, So happy that my favorite burger joint is open again after your much too long traditional winter break. A deluxe burger and marshmallow shake never tasted so good!

Dear Great Work Friends, Thanks so much for your company at our home this weekend. I love keeping in touch with the women who remind how wonderful my work life was, how much I miss my work friends, and how little I miss the workplace!

Dear Internet, Thanks for coming to my rescue this weekend...I found a fantastic way to keep barbecued flank steak hot without using the oven! First, preheat a well insulated cooler. I put my cooler in the bathtub and filled it with hot tap water, but you could also use sunlight or a heating pad. Just get the cooler as warm as you possibly can, and then make sure it's dry inside. Then, while the meat is on the grill, preheat three or four big fluffy old towels in the dryer on high. The minute you pull the meat off the grill, wrap it in heavy aluminum foil. Then immediately wrap your foil package(s) in the preheated towels and place in the preheated cooler. Don't open until you are ready to eat! After 3 1/2 hours, my steaks were still moist and the packages so hot I almost needed potholders. 

Dear Super Bowl, I actually enjoyed the game this year! I love a good, close football game, regardless of the eventual winner. Better yet, it's alway fun to watch and critique the over-hyped commercials. Overall, I'd give this year's event a solid "A" (an "A+" is only possible if the Seattle Seahawks are involved).

So much for my Monday thoughts...what's on your mind?




  1. i am the same way with my caffeine! one of the first things i do in the morn :)

    hope the rest of your week goes well!

  2. Mmmmm, lattes... Megan Haggard and I are going to coffee in an hour and I'm salivating juts thinking about it.

    I love you! Also, weird with the BBQ flank steak but I'm glad it worked!