Monday, January 23, 2012

Dear Monday v.3

Linking up with Megan for another episode of Dear Monday

Little letters to start the week

Dear Monday, I had a hard time facing you today after my coffee maker broke this weekend. Hopefully we will find a new coffee maker tomorrow in Seattle.

Dear Sweet Aunt Heide, I was pleasantly surprised to get a letter from you, and even more surprised at the items you sent. One was a postcard I mailed from Hawaii on the day Wally and I were married. The other item I hadn't seen was a Western Union Storkgram that my Dad had sent on the day I was born!  You made my day...thanks!

Dear Wally, Thank you for making an early latte run this morning. You know my day needs caffeine to get off to a good start, and you are always willing to enable my "fix"! Love your thoughtfulness.

Dear Sister-In-Law Barb, We loved your visit today! We are so glad you often come to our town to visit your son, because then we get to see you, too. Always great to catch up with you.

Dear Group Health, Thanks for the speedy service today when I came in for lab tests. I don't think I've ever made it in and out quite so quickly. 

Dear Toyota Camry, We thought a major repair was imminent when you started making a horrendous noise. Fortunately, the noise was due to a loose engine splash shield. We bought two new fasteners, the fix was easy and you are now back to your quiet self.

Hope your Monday was full of fun and love! 


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