Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Only Fifty Weeks 'Til Christmas

I am so grateful my lovely daughter, Sarah, and her wonderful boyfriend, Nick, were able to stay so long at our home over the holidays. Now that I've had a chance to reflect on their visit, there were a few highlights to remember.

House guests offer a great excuse to stock up on items I might not normally buy...Lucky Charms, Oregon Chai, ingredients for Chocolate Martinis, etc.

It's fun to watch Sarah and her brother, Scott, regress to the kids I remember so well. Stupid dance moves, funny lines from movies and inside jokes that I don't understand contribute to the fun. Love them each so much, but love them together more than anything. And I have fun listening to the interaction between them. Where it was once childish and sometimes mean-spirited, it's now sophisticated, full of inference and innuendo, and often hilarious. Can't help but appreciate the adults they have become (despite their parental units).

Love the fact that I got to enjoy Sarah hugs every day. What a wonderful chance to reconnect with the most important woman in my life.

It was great to spend quantity time with Nicky Tony. Yes, we did have quality time, too, but I appreciated getting to know him a little better over the course of their twelve day visit. Just hope we didn't overwhelm him.

Absolutely loved hearing the sound of children (albeit big kids) laughing. Miss this more than I realized.

I never have to drive! Sarah enjoys driving the streets of her hometown, and it's a great chance for me to sit back and relax.

Particularly enjoy those early mornings when the guys slept in and the girls got cuddle time. Priceless.

Fun having a dance party with the whole family; Scott, Sandra, KK and Ava along with Sarah and Nick and Wally and I. The guys can bust a move, but the girls definitely held their own. Best dance move was a tie between Kayden's shoulder dance and Ava's bunny hop. Too fun!

When they go back home, I get to keep anything that is too heavy or too awkward for the suitcase, as well as anything they forget to pack. Score one for mom! I also get to eat whatever is left over from the visit...Lucky Charms, Oregon Chai, Chocolate Martinis. Score two for mom!

Absolutely can't wait for their next visit, which is too far away no matter how soon it is.

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  1. :) This blog post made me cry! I miss you mama. Thank you for being MY mama!