Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday Thoughts v1

Thursday Thoughts

Linking up with Sarah for Thursday Thoughts. Here's what on my mind this week.

[1] I am just a little tired of being house-bound. Today is Day 2 of what people are calling Snowpocalypse or Snowmageddon. All the schools are closed for the second day in a row. We only received 2"-3" of snow at our house, but some areas of Western Washington have see a foot or more of snow. That's a lot of snow for an area that usually only gets a few inches in a bad year. Freezing temperatures after the snowfall have just made everything an icy mess. Weather report for tomorrow is warmer weather...hurrah!

[2] Countdown to my new hip is finally in days (27!) rather than in months. Can't wait! This cold weather has me wondering if my new implant will be affected by the cold? Maybe I'll be one of those old people who can predict the weather via my aching joints!

[3] Our lights just blinked (twice). Heard this morning that 70,000 people in the area are without power, mostly in places with much more snow we have. Historically, we've been most affected when the melting snow and ice causes trees to fall across power lines. So the only thing worse than being house-bound...being house-bound with no power. Fingers are crossed!

[4] I've read quite a few eBooks on my iPad, and actually enjoyed it despite my initial misgivings. Not quite ready to give up pleasure of the tactile sensation of actually reading a book, but it's not a bad alternative. Now if I can just remember to charge up my iPad every night.

[5] I've noticed that some of my Facebook friends are starting to either limit their FB usage or drop off entirely. On the contrary, I'm considering making a new FB group for my siblings and their families so we can better keep in touch. Not a fan of the FB games or quizzes, but enjoy being able to reach out, and be reached, by familiar faces both new and old. FB is just a tool, nothing more.

So those are my deep thoughts for Thursday. Not much, huh?


  1. Visiting from Life of Love. Beautiful reflections. Love your thinking about ways to use FB to share with family.

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  2. Have to agree with you about electronic books. I've been enjoying my Kindle very much -- but for Christmas I got "real" books by my favorite authors, and find they are more relaxing to read and, ultimately, more satisfying.

    As for our winter weather: last night our lights started blinking so we upped our furnace in case the heat had to last us during a power outage. We turned it down during the night, but more light blinking this morning means I keeping it turned up to 71 (!) today.

  3. Stopping by from Thursday Thoughts! I agree with your assessment of E-books. While I love my Nook, nothing could replace the smell and feel of a real book. The way it fits in your hands and the way the pages stick together. Ahhh. :) Glad to have read your post, I look forward to seeing more!

    Betsy @ Literature is Love

  4. I hope your power ended up staying on through Snowmageddon! ;) Pretty cute. Also, I'll send up prayers for your hip surgery, best of luck. I have a Nook and a huuuuge library full of real books too (well, huge for a poor psych undergrad with a hubby, kids and dogs; all things are relative, right?) I love books the best but my Nook is a lifesaver when I'm on the go or stuck in bed and my hands get too cold to hold open an especially long novel. ;)

    And, I LOVE the name of your blog...

    Oh my gosh! I was just gonna say I didn't know how to follow you but thought to scroll down... and it's YOU! :))) Mama Bear! LOL well I'm definitely on board now if you'll have me! ;)