Monday, August 20, 2012

Little Bits About The Little Bits

After successfully completing Sarah's 15 Day Challenge, I pretty much fell off the blogosphere. No excuses, but it's been quite a busy summer. So I'll try to jump back into sharing little pieces of my life that I hope others might find just a bit interesting. But here's the catch, if you are typically a blog stalker (yes, I'm talking about YOU), please consider leaving a comment to let me know you've read my blog. You don't even have to log in, just choose the Anonymous option, but note your name at the end of the comment. It's that easy! Come on, please give me some incentive to keep blogging.

My summer has been chock full of grandkids, and you won't hear me complaining a bit! I had the pleasure of Kayden and Ava for an entire week while they were in soccer camp. We had a ball each day, even though the weather for two of those days was much too hot. I treated them to lunch and playtime at a McDonalds; we had a picnic outside on the lawn; we surprised their mommy at work; we had an picnic in the living room; and we went to the library to check out books. All in all, a fun-filled week. I am definitely not used to being around that much energy, much less for an entire week. Let's just say Grandma drank much wine every evening.

Ava and KK at soccer camp

I also got to watch Ava for a day or two while our son assisted my husband with a project. We made another trip to the library, and then packed a picnic lunch we took to the neighborhood playground. I think SHE wore ME out!

Ava was excited because we dressed the same!

As the coup de grace, both kids spent the night with me for the very first time! Unfortunately, they were disappointed to realize there wouldn't be any grandpa-time since my husband was out of town. Fortunately, I made all their favorite foods for dinner and that cheered them up. I took them to a huge play area at the county fairgrounds in an attempt to tire them out before bedtime, which didn't really work. But it tired me out, so I'm not really sure what went wrong? Kids shared a king-sized bed, and finally tuckered out around 9:30. Me...shortly thereafter. Ended our fun overnighter with Norwegian pancakes the next morning, which are always a big hit. Can't wait until our next overnight adventure!

Kayden making Grandma just a bit nervous

Norwegian pancakes just because they taste SO good!



  1. Yay for blogging. I tend to drink after being around little kids, too. :P

  2. Loving the blog..

  3. So sweet! I love me some KK and Ava. Also, OH MY GOSH, when did Ava Grace get so big? And it's so weird to see KK not cheesin' it up for the camera.

    I wholeheartedly approve of wine!

  4. Hurrah for the blogging! Love your use of pictures with your story of time spent with these two precious, precocious sweetie-pies. Notice you did not mention sneaking them into the library under a fictitious name to avoid any connection with various late-book relatives and in-laws...

  5. So sweet!

    Wishing you a beautiful end of summer!