Saturday, August 25, 2012

Isn't it ironic?

Here what's new at the corner of my street

I had a few days to myself recently, and thought it might be a good time to attack some clutter. I refer to this as "de-crapping the house." I think I do a fairly good job of cleaning clutter during the course of other events, like rearranging the furniture, or painting a room, or when I absolutely need to make room for more...stuff. Unfortunately, I'm not quite as good at tackling jobs I would really rather not do, like clearing out that one room (OK, maybe two) where all the clutter leftover from the rest of the house stacks up. I'm talking about that room (or drawer, or box, or closet, or shelf) where you stash things to keep them out of the way and, more importantly, out of sight. However, in the case of cleaning my junk room, I think I've raised procrastination to a fine art, and I don't think I'll mess with my success. So I hit up my closet instead.

I don't recall where I got the idea to color-arrange my closet, but I'd bet it's from my daughter. Then again, if it were her idea, it would probably be in rainbow order. So who knows. Regardless, this system really works! I try to keep my clothes in order not only by color, but by sleeve length. This way my white sleeveless tops are all stored together next to my white short-sleeve shirts, with those next to my white long-sleeve tops. It's easy to find a particular top when I need it, and the color system makes coordinating an outfit a little easier. Think your outfit needs a pop of red? Check out the red section of your wardrobe!

My closet system makes cleaning the closet easier, too. How did I end up with so many brown tops? Or, how many white camisoles or tank tops do I really need? It took an hour or so, but I went through each and every item hanging in my closet, including the blazers/jackets and sweatshirts that I hang together without regard for color. I tried on every item I hadn't worn recently, and used a well lit, full-length mirror to evaluate whether the item should be kept or donated. I'll admit, I kept a few pieces that I'm not sure I'll wear in the future. And I also kept one or two items that I specifically recall made me feel wonderful the last time I wore them, regardless of how long ago that was. I'll probably be ready to donate some of these items the next time I de-crap my closet. All in all, I came up with quite a few items that are suitable for a new home elsewhere. Best of all, the next time I declare I have nothing to wear, I'll actually know better!

I also cleaned out two sweater drawers. I moved some holiday items to a designated box on the closet shelf, consolidated some items to store on another closet shelf, and even found a sweater or two that I had forgotten about. Bonus!

I finished the day by cleaning out my makeup drawer. How did all the free stuff from the dentist end up hidden at the back of this drawer? Who knew I had so many different lipsticks? Which begs the question, when is the last time I wore anything besides my same, old, standard lipstick? Hmmm. I got rid of every bit of old makeup, including those free samples I kept meaning to try. I tossed brushes that I no longer use, and more empty containers than I would care to admit. Can't believe how much stuff I dumped, and how roomy that drawer is now. Maybe I need to go shopping?

Plus the two new tubes I found later at the back of the drawer = 8

In the process of cleaning, I came to a startling realization. I found eight (8!) brand new tubes of lip balm. Husband traditionally buys lip balm for my Christmas stocking. (Why he thinks I like cherry lip balm is beyond me.) Including the two open lip balms in my bedroom, and the two in my purse, I have enough lip balm to last quite a few years. I've warned my girls that they can expect some of this bounty to be re-gifted, and also recommended they perform an intervention on my husband before we get over-run by the balm!

After all that work was done, with the garbage put out and the clothes folded and placed in the donation bags, I settled down on the couch to enjoy an evening of watching TV and playing on the computer. Just as I got good and comfortable, and strange thought crossed my mind. lips are kinda dry, I think I need some lip balm!

Isn't it ironic?


  1. That's a shit ton of Chapstick. I'll take care of dad for Christmas this upcoming year. ;)

  2. I just love the thought of Wally buying you lip balm every Christmas, because he "knows" you like it and must need some since it's been 12 months since he last gave it to you. What a sweetie! Kind of like the times Ed gave me slippers with microwavable inserts 2 years in a row (even though I asked him the first year if it was ok if I returned them). And the only earrings he ever gave me? Opals -- two years apart.
    Love your closet system. Our closet is so small that HGTV Homebuyers run from the house they are looking at when they see something similar.