Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday Thoughts v.3.29.12

Linking up with Sarah for another edition of Thursday Thoughts.

Here's what's on my mind this week:


Saw my orthopedic surgeon yesterday for the six week post-op checkup, and he said that my recovery from hip replacement surgery is going remarkably well. All that PT certainly has made a difference, and the walking is doing wonders. I'm walking about a mile each day, and I hope to start more challenging walks soon. The doctor removed all my restrictions and limitations and told me to come see him in a year. Woo Hoo!


Speaking of walking, the family is entering the 5K Color Run Seattle this May. Wally and I will be walking, and my adult children Sarah and Scott will be running. What a wonderful way to spend Mother's Day! If you haven't heard about it, check it out here. Participants start the run/walk in a white T-shirt and by the end are splashed with a rainbow of colors. Can't wait!


I'm a huge fan of March Madness because I love to see the college teams play with their entire season on the line every game. We were watching a game the other night when two players were injured on the same play. I didn't mind the blood spurting from one player's nose, but it was kinda gross when the closeup showed him shooting free throws...with tissue shoved up both nostrils. Even worse, the camera zoomed in tight on a charley horse in the other player's calf muscle. Every time the player tried to move to get off the court, the muscle cramped again. By the time they got him off the court, MY calf muscles hurt!


My faithful cats are literally sleeping on the job. Found very suspicious bite marks on a loaf of bread and also on cracker packages in the bread drawer. Husband has set a couple of traps to no avail. Both cats are acting hinky in the kitchen, but have yet to flush out the culprit. Don't they understand they have to earn their kibble?


Excited for baseball season! Bought tickets for two Seattle Mariner games, and hope to see more games as well. Love to watch the games early in the season before all playoff hopes are dashed. Go M's!


I've had the same cookie jar for 25 years or so, and it definitely is showing its age. I've been thinking about buying a new one, but can't seem to find one that is fun, colorful, funky, and big enough without spending the big bucks. Much to my surprise, Scott and GF Sandra surprised me with a new cookie jar! It's just the right size and will work very well in my kitchen...isn't this a wonderful surprise? Thanks, kids!

And how is your week going?



  1. Oh my gosh, I love that cookie jar! Where did Sandra get it?!

  2. I'm thinking those suspicious bite marks are from some little critter one of your cats dragged in -- so the cats are not only not earning their kibble, they are aiding and abetting in the bread drawer crimes.

    Yes, the cookie jar is adorable!