Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday Thoughts v.5.3.12

Linking up with Sarah for Thursday Thoughts. Because Mother's Day is just around the corner, and in honor of mothers everywhere, this edition is subtitled

Secrets Mother Never Told You


When a child's heart is broken, the child may eventually forgive the offender, but dollars to doughnuts the mother has a much harder time coming to forgiveness. Many years ago a softball coach denied my daughter a spot on his select team because she insisted on attending her own high school rather than the one where he coached. She cried for a day or two and got over it. I still resent that coach for putting my daughter in a no-win situation and making her so upset. Probably always will! Then five or six years ago, my daughter's boyfriend broke up with her shortly after he accompanied us on a vacation to Disneyland. She was upset for a while, particularly because he ruined "...the happiest place on earth." They have since become great friends, which I find delightful. When I see him, however, I still narrow my eyes a little and remember how heartbroken my baby was. Probably always will!


My kids probably thought they were getting off easy when teachers suggested they give mom "coupons" for chores for Mother's Day. Rather than "buyer beware", children-originated coupons are "giver beware"...mothers NEVER throw away precious gifts! Case in point, this coupon from my son is probably 23-24 years old and is still valid. Silly boy didn't use an expiration date! The best part of redeeming a coupon with an adult child is that they often forget to confiscate the coupon, so it can be used over and over again. Love it! One of my all-time favorite coupons was for "one hour of not talking" you can guess what little girl gave that one to me.


My baby, who is closer to 30 than to 20, lives much too far away. When I want to feel closer to her, I grab one of her old pillowcases from the linen closet. Don't ask me why, but it's very comforting. Then, after a few nights, the ruffle on the pillowcase starts to drive me crazy and I throw it in the wash. I don't use it very often, but I'll probably never get rid of her childhood pillowcase; it's the next best thing to a hug!

I always added turnips to my beef stew, but convinced both kids and their Dad that they were really potatoes. There, I said it.


Many mothers, including me, don't always like their children. Don't get me wrong, I will always love my kids unconditionally. That said, there were many moments when my kids were young when their behavior was less than desirable and they were absolutely no fun to be around. Did I always like to be around them? No! Did I still love them? Absolutely yes! No one can be likable all the time, and kids are no different. Shocking, huh?

And how is your week going?

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  1. What?! Turnips?! I knew those potatoes were too crunchy!!

  2. I have to agree with you on all counts, though when my kids went off to college (and Jason to Santa Fe for his "art" year), I didn't go so far as to use their pillow, but did once in a while spend some time in their bedrooms, communing with their aura/scent/spirit in the belongings they left behind. BTW, don't feed Jason any of your stew -- he's deathly allergic to turnips and carrots and points to the time Kate served him mashed turnips instead of mashed potatoes as "the time Katie tried to kill me."

  3. Turnips?! That is wonderfully hilarious!
    I have an 18 month old and last year during this time I brought her to work with me {I was off} just to visit with my co-workers and someone smarted off and said "Is this a daycare now?" and every time I see him, I do the squinty eyes too.
    This entire post made me smile!