Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday Thoughts v.3_8_12

Linking up with my famous daughter Sarah for another edition of Thursday Thoughts

Here's what's on my mind this week...


I am having SO much fun playing Words With Friends with my 86 year old aunt in California! She routinely kicks my butt, but I enjoy reconnecting and chatting with her on a regular basis. I'm hoping to become a better player just by playing her!


Favorite new app of the week: SoundHound! I've just started using the basic version of this app, which is free. How often do you hear a song on the radio, but can't quite remember the name of the song or the lyrics? Trust me, it gets worse every year. The SoundHound app identifies any song playing on the radio and also provides the complete lyrics! Husband and I are having way too much fun discovering how many lyrics we thought we knew, but in reality did not. This great app also identifies the album or CD where the song appeared, the artist, the songwriter, and provides links to videos and even where to buy the song. Way too much fun!


I've really been enjoying taking regular walks with the husband. The weather has been nice enough to get outside, but we've also taken advantage of the mall when weather does not cooperate. Yes, that means we are mall walkers (don't judge). Once I get a good rhythm going with the walking cane, it feels wonderful. I have been very careful not to walk too much or too far, but already can tell that the walks are helping with the hip rehab. Watch out cane, you are on the way out!


My lovely sister visited on Monday. She brought the makings for a delicious meal, a couple of hardback books for me to borrow, and several travel books so husband and I can start planning our trip to Europe. After she left, husband took the meat out of the fridge and acted a little irritated as he asked me what he was supposed to do with it now. Huh!?! I thought she left sauce and directions? Nope, he says, all she left was meat. Well, thanks a lot, sis! Come to find out, husband took food out of her cooler, but didn't know he was supposed to take the sauce out, too. Needless to say, hilarity ensued on all sides once the confusion was resolved. So, to my thoughtful sister...thanks for the meat, Heide!

And how is your week going?



  1. I love the meat story! Absolutely fantastic.

    And SoundHound, I had never heard of, but I'll go check it out now! Thanks mom!

  2. I've been laughing since Monday! And now the bar is set for my future potluck contributions: a slab of raw meat.