Monday, March 19, 2012

Dear Monday v.3.19.12

Linking up with Megan for another episode of Dear Monday.

Dear Monday, Enough already! Spring starts tomorrow and we just saw snow showers yesterday. Thank goodness it didn't stick at our house, but come on now, we are ready for better weather!

Dear March Madness, Love you tons! Even when my favorite teams don't win, I still enjoy the "one and done" flavor of NCAA basketball tournament time. Then again, both the men's and women's Baylor Bears are still winning, so life is good! Sic 'em, bears.

Dearest daughter, I promise not to bore you with platitudes. Just know that Mom and Dad have your back...always and in every way. We'd have your plane ticket, too, if only I could find a decent price! If we can't find anything cheaper, I say you should just make it a longer visit. Dang, that might be fun!

Dear spouse, you are still my hero! Thanks for the cooking, cleaning, coffee making, pill scheduling, shoe tying, leg massaging and every other way you assist in facilitating my rehab. In particular, thanks for being my walking companion and your words of encouragement. When my rehab is over, let's continue the walking program...I am enjoying our time together!

Dear Dash, Thanks for coming to my rescue! We have two kitties, alpha cat Trooper and his shy big sister Dash. The other day I was on the floor doing my exercises when spouse decided to pretend to "attack" me. We were both pleasantly surprised when Dash came to my rescue; Trooper was more frightened and would not come near. Must be Dash's maternal instinct coming through!

Dear Family, Today is the start of another hectic birthday season. Let's see, we start with Kayden on March 19; Ava on April 2; Sarah on April 10; Sandra on April 11; Wally on May 22; and Scott on June 1. I'm the only one with a birthday in the off-season, so you guys have plenty of time to plan my celebration. Just sayin'.

And how is your week going?


  1. Bwaaaahahaha for shoe tying. So sweet.

    Cannot wait to come home. May can't come sooner!

  2. I am cheering on the Baylor teams and hoping for a final matchup on the women's side of Baylor vs Pac-12's Stanford, my other favorite. I'm also watching the Huskies in the NIT & WNIT (went to the women's game yesterday!), but it's like going to the Tolo vs. going to the Prom. Thrilling, yet ultimately disappointing.