Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend in iPhotos


Husband and I headed to the ocean to give our baby motorhome a test drive before we go for a longer vacation this summer. We left home on Friday morning, and were surprised to see gorgeous weather as we hit the road.
Stopped for fuel at the corner latte stand and headed for the Long Beach peninsula in SW Washington. Some friends had recommended Sandcastle RV park, which is located about a half mile from the city of Long Beach. Let's just say it was not quite what we had expected. There were some campsites with grass and picnic tables, but we had gravel...and more gravel. Guess they thought we could squeeze in anywhere! It didn't really matter to us, since we did not plan to spend too much time in the rig. But we'll definitely make different arrangements next time.

Notice the blue sky! Upon arrival, we immediately changed into shorts and sandals and headed for the beach. We walked on the beach at least twice each day, and usually walked in the deep, soft sand, which gave my new hip a fantastic workout.

We also did the touristy thing in Long Beach and on the Lewis & Clark Trail, as evidenced by these cheesy pictures:

One of our goals in the motorhome is to eat the majority of meals at "home". We did plan on spending one afternoon eating and drinking our way through Long Beach, and our location suited that plan well. I forgot to take a picture of our dinner, but my fish and chips were absolutely delicious and Wally had so many prawns he had a hard time eating them all. Don't worry...we had a "designated walker".

Before we headed home, we went just a little further south to the town of Ilwaco to check out Cape Disappointment State Park on the southernmost tip of Washington state. This park was the scene of many Laurie family campouts in years past, and we wanted to see if the park had changed. It has definitely seen some improvements, but we were pleased to see that our "rustic" loop of campsites remains unchanged! We enjoyed driving out the jetty road and took a few good pics there of the jetty and the North Head lighthouse.

As we passed back through Ilwaco on our way back home, we stopped by Wally's favorite intersection... not sure why!?!

We only stayed two nights at the ocean, but it was still wonderful to get away for a short vacation. We have a short list of items to fix/bring/stock in the motorhome, and we will be ready for a longer vacation when the weather turns a little warmer.

Hope your Memorial Day weekend was filled with family and fun!

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  1. Glad to see you hit great weather for May -- looks nicer than some of our July camping days. You certainly gave your hip a good workout!