Monday, April 8, 2013

This Weekend, I...v.4.8.13

Linking up (albeit late) with Syndal and Sarah for a round of TWI:

This Weekend, I mailed off a birthday package Saturday morning to my daughter in Texas. Much to my surprise, she received the package on Monday! I used a priority mail shipping box, but still did not expect her to see it until Tuesday at the earliest. Maybe the good old USPS really does have delivery down to a fine science!

This Weekend, I found a local food bank low on food, so made a special trip to Costco. I had a fun time filling my cart with items from the food bank's need list, and ultimately donated 113 pounds of food in honor of my daughter, Sarah. Sarah plans to perform 27 Acts of Kindness for her upcoming 27th birthday, and asked friends and family to participate as well. I am looking forward to reading Sarah's blog listing all of those acts!

CK Food Bank

This Weekend, my brother-in-law and his wife were in town visiting our nephew. We went over to watch some NCAA basketball (LOVE March Madness!), and were surprised to find they had a few new animals. Check out these cute chihuahua puppies:

Tan mama and two 8-wk-old babies

This Weekend, I contacted a local lawn service to get an estimate for aerating, thatching, top dressing and overseeding our lawn. This is a big deal, since we have always done that work ourselves. None of these tasks are particularly strenous when done alone, but in their entirety encompass quite a bit of work. The last time we thatched a portion of our yard, we hand-raked 12 (twelve!) wheelbarrow loads of thatch out of the lawn. Ok, this time someone else can have all the fun.

Looks like we need some fill dirt in the "pond"

This Weekend, we celebrated our granddaughter's fifth birthday. Her actual birthday was earlier in the week, but our plans were derailed when she came down with scarlet fever! Fortunately, she's on the mend and had very specific requests for her birthday brunch: Norwegian pancakes, sausage AND bacon, strawberries AND grapes AND pineapple, and juice. We bought her the cutest little razor scooter (in pink, of course) and she already crashed once in the kitchen. Love her!

She's ready for kindergarten!

Hope you weekend was filled with love, fun, family and friends!



  1. Crashed in the kitchen?! Who gets to play INSIDE the house?! Grandkids, apparently! ;)


  2. That's a heck of a lot of food off to the food bank -- bet they were very happy when you dropped it off. Glad to hear that Ava has recovered and was clearly prepared to celebrate her birthday with a well-thought-out menu.

    From her comment above, Sarah clearly was not previously aware of the "kids drool, grandkids rule" fact of life.

  3. That breakfast sounds delicious. I wonder what the difference between German and Norwegian pancakes are...