Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Weird Wednesday v.2.13

In celebration of things quirky, weird, odd or funny. If it strikes my funny bone, you'll probably see it here.

"Know what's weird? Day by day, nothing seems to change. But pretty soon, everything's different."----Bill Watterson

When my little brother was in fifth grade (my sister, his twin, was in fifth grade too, but she's not part of the story), his teacher gave the class a spelling test every week. One week, I heard my parents begin to chuckle as they reviewed my brother's weekly work. The teacher had marked one word incorrect, and helpfully provided the correct spelling in the margin. It looked something like this:

weird WIERD

My parent's hysterical laughter eventually drew the rest of the family to the dining room table, where they taught us that sometimes teachers make errors, too. (BTW - the teacher stood by her version of the word, until my mother convinced her otherwise.)


I recently came across this sign posted at a Washington State ferry terminal:


Is it just me, or does this sign imply that assaults on persons not employed by the state will NOT be prosecuted? Or perhaps prosecuted, but not to the full extent of the law?

I am not familiar with "Chapter 47.60 RCW", but I imagine it stipulates additional penalties above and beyond the norm when a state employee is assaulted. Still, is the sign really needed? Are we unable to prosecute to that extent without prior notification to the assailant? Makes no sense to me.

....Hey, wait a minute...there's a sign...I'd better pick someone different to attack!


Have you run across any signs that make you go...hmmm?




  1. Bwaaahahaha I think the quotes for the law are even funnier, as if they weren't really sure that was the law but someone else said it so they decided to just quote the dude who said it was that chapter.

  2. Jason had a teacher who "mis-corrected" his spelling of weird, too -- I wanted him to take it back to her and tell her she had to write the correct spelling 10 times, just as she had the students do when they missed a word. While he saw the humor in that approach, he couldn't bring himself to do it.