Monday, January 28, 2013

This Weekend, I...v.1.28

Linking up with Sar and Syndal for a look at my weekend.

This Weekend, I...spooked the cat when I was cleaning the kitchen floor. This might lead you to believe that I don't clean the kitchen floor very often, but that's really not the case (well, maybe). Not sure what caused Trooper to choose the magazine basket, but this perch actually worked pretty well to keep him away from the scary Swiffer wet jet.

Trooper, the scaredy cat

This Weekend, I...went to the Pacific Science Center in Seattle with the grandkids. We touched a sheep's brain, explored the dinosaur exhibit, saw a planetarium presentation, and watched a nature movie in 3D. We were pleasantly surprised to run into my sister's grandson, Preston, enjoying a day out with his other grandma. We topped off the day with a visit to the Spaghetti Factory.

Preston and grandson Kayden
Ava and Grandma at the 3D movie

This Weekend, I...started blogging again after a few months off. We shall see how that goes!

This Weekend, I...made a lemon meringue pie. I recently received the best present ever...a 6" pie plate! It holds half the capacity of any standard pie recipe, is a wonderful option to a standard 9" pie plate, and is the perfect size for our family of two. I made the same pie for Christmas, but had used a new recipe that did not set up well. This time I reverted to my tried and true recipe (Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook circa 1974), and I must say it was delicious!

Lemon meringue deliciousness


Hope your weekend was filled with friends, family and love.



  1. That pie looks delicious! Where does one find a 6" pie plate?!

  2. I have the same thoughts as Sarah. Also, I thought Dash was the scaredy cat?

  3. Just noticed you were back on line. Hurraaahhhhh!

    Ahh! When you said a half-pie plate, I envisioned literally a pie plate cut in half, with a solid edge along the diameter. I wondered how hard it would be to fit the pie crust. NOW I get it! Where did you find one this size?

    Also, love the picture of the two "cousins".