Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thursday Thoughts v.6.7.12

Linking up with Sarah for some Thursday Thoughts.
Here's what I'm thinking about this week.


I love the fact that our house will be painted soon, but I'm not so crazy about the minor damages caused by some of the prep work. Oh, well. If I can't fix it, I'll just have to go the nursery and buy a new pot!


We have some fairly tenacious weeds here in the Pacific NW, and they are likely worse this year due to the mild weather. Here's one example... a horsetail shooting up through the middle of our asphalt driveway! AAAHHHHH!!!!!!


Do you know how to tell when a plant cutting is ready to be planted in a pot? Usually once a few good roots have established. Definitely by the time the cutting blooms! Ooops.



My gorgeous lupine is starting to turn to seed. This normally occurs when spring is just about over and the weather starts getting nice and hot. Unfortunately, we're still waiting for our weather to improve, and warm weather is still not in the foreseeable future. Rats.



We're planning a trip to Eastern Washington to find some warmer weather. But I do have an ulterior wine racks are getting bare! We should have some fun exploring the wineries in the Lake Chelan area, and the sunny weather will just be a bonus.

Hope your week is going well!


  1. What a resilient little guy that weed is!

  2. Mmmm wine....
    Here's a link to the recent Seattle Wine Awards winners, including Chelan's Hard Row to Hoe's Good in Bed Rose':

  3. Love Lake Chelan!! Totally jealous :)