Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Best Things Come In Small Packages

It was an exciting week around our house. We started the week off by spending a night at the local casino. Unfortunately, Wally ended up with the flu and didn't have much fun. He did recover fairly quickly, though. I had two more acupuncture treatments to try to alleviate some of my hip pain, and those seem to be going well.

It was also the week for the annual security drill on the navy base. The bad news is that I got caught in the drill and had to wait in line for 30 min. or so one morning after water aerobics. But the good news is that Sandra got caught in the drill the next day. Now that may not seem like good news, but she couldn't get the kids into their daycare on base, so needed an alternative solution. That's the great news...Ava came to visit us for a few hours on Thursday afternoon!

Ava was in a great mood (as always) and was talking up a storm that day. I love that many of her sentences start with..."Sometimes, ....." Anyway, I picked her up at Scott & Sandra's house and took her to our home. I immediately fed her lunch which consisted of a jelly sandwich, green jello, rice milk and, get this....greek yogurt! She ate a few spoonfuls of it, but I'm surprised she liked it at all since it had no sweetener or fruit.

Ava eating lunch
After lunch, I thought she might need a nap so I put a blanket on the couch and we read a couple of books. But no, she was not tired at all so we decided to paint her nails. I let her choose between red and pink and she chose red. I painted her nails (rather sloppily, I'll admit) and then Ava decided she wanted the pink instead. After I took off the red and was painting on the pink (again, not that well), she cracked me up by telling me that pink was better for her because red got her all jacked up! I'm thinking her mom must comment that sugar gets she and her brother all jacked up...but funny!

Since Scott & Sandra were having company over that night, I thought it might be fun for us to bake cookies. Like I need an excuse to make chocolate chip cookies! Ava was a huge help...really! She mixed the dough, added the chips and even helped put the first batch on the cookie tray. It was definitely messy but definitely worth it.

Future Chef!
I took quite a few pictures of Ava while we were cooking, but she turns OFF her smile when I turn on the camera. I think she gets that from her mom, too! Later on, I let her take a couple of pictures with my phone, and she smiled while taking her own picture...

Cutie Patootie
Scott FaceTimed me shortly after he took Ava home and showed me that she had fallen asleep on the couch with her coat on the minute they got in the door. Funny, but I was pretty tired, too! Can't wait to have her over again :)

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  1. I love Ava's cheesy smile! Fantastic. Love you.